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Alberninho Football

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Alberninho Football is a realistic football game with features, typical of console’s games.
You can play to single matches or in tournament mode with 16 different teams with different skills. In game commentary, replay feature, substitutions, make this game unique for mobile entertainment. During half time, we could have commentator giving an overview of the game so far and giving the game stats such as shots at goal, ball possession.
Players can perform shoots, pass, header, bicycle kicks, tackle, and have different skins and hats colors. Referee action, different Weather conditions, and complete rules support, like off-side.

Planet Soccer

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Game Description:
Experience the thrills of soccer as a new season kicks off! Select your favorite team and battle through the finals to become the CHAMPION!

Use LEFT/4 RIGHT/6 UP/2 DOWN/8 to dribble the ball. Press JOYSTICK/5 to pass the ball. Press 3 to shoot at the goal.

Score Board:
Global Tournament mode available on all fugumobile games, allowing users to post hi-scores on a global scorecard and compete with other users worldwide.

Hittite Bricks

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Game Description

They were the earliest known society to use the iron… They invented technology! They were the first to use the wheel… They invented transportation! They were the first society to create a written peace treaty… They invented diplomacy! They were the oldest known society to speak an Indo-European language… They are the ancestors of modern Europeans! They built Nesa and Hattusa, the biggest cities of their time… They were the masters of construction! They were the sons of the Hatties… They were the Kings of North Mesopotamia…

They were Hittites!

Spy Deluxe

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Follow simple on screen instructions and snoop your target SMS, MMS, call and photo data.
Be patient while information retrieval is in progress..
Due to differences in telecommunication systems, our software has to do many time-consuming data conversions.
Think at least three times before spying on someone phone.
The data you are about to acquire is very personal and intimate.
Be wary of people standing behind you. Just like you, others snoop as well!

Kakuro Mission

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Restore honour to your clan by playing the ultimate brain teaser on mobile!

This enjoyable game combines the challenge of a crossword puzzle with the trials and thrills of Sudoku, but you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to play! You are a Samurai from the Saigou clan on a quest to recover a secret scroll stolen by the rival Kasawa clan. The pride and honour of your clan is at stake, you must return the scroll at all costs or you will be banished and face dishonour. Ideal for fans of brain teasers and logic puzzles, Kakuro Mission will test your skills of reasoning and your speed of response. Unlock the key to each puzzle to progress to the next phase that takes you one step to closer finding the secret scroll.

Left soft key: Shows the possible solution vertical / horizontal
Right soft key: Back / Exit in the menu. During a game the key reveals a menu
0: Noticing (pencil) or entering (ink) a number
Navipad: Navigation in menu and game
Number: Enter numbers during game
#: Next during tutorial
*: Back during tutorial

Palm massager

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English Promotional Text
We have just set up IEC Labs to research and unlock hidden features in potentially all phones. This little app will unleash the power of your phone as a vibrating palm massager. Use it on any part of you as you deem fit. Warning: do not drive or operate heavy machinery when you have it turned on, and on you.

Instructions – Choose the Calming or Rythmic Mode. Then click Start to turn the massager on. Click Stop to shut down. Go to Menu for other options.


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Godzilla is a fictional monster featured in Japanese films and has become one of the world’s most recognized movie characters.

He was first seen in the 1954 film Gojira, produced by Toho Film Company Ltd. To date, Toho has produced 28 Godzilla films. In 1998, TriStar Pictures produced a remake, set in New York City.

Target audience
Godzilla – Monster Mayhem is for male as well as female players and targets all age groups – teen, youth and adult.

Key Description
2/Up Aim up
8/Down Aim down
6/Left Move forward
4/Right Move backward
5/Fire Attack
1 Cycle between fire breath and tail sweep
3 Stomp

Tank X

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New colorful version of the everlasting, super-popular game of the 90s!
Your goal is to protect the headquarters. Your enemies are enemy tanks. Your awards are bonuses and tank modifications!
Multiple levels with different types of landscape: forest, cross-country, lakes, impenetrable concrete barriers.
Different kind of enemy tanks and game complexity increase with each new level won’t leave any true lover of dynamic shooters indifferent!

You can also play this game together with a friend via BlueTooth, helping each other to beat the enemy!

Description (version 2)

We welcome you, leader of the tank crew!
You have a difficult task ahead of you: you need to protect your headquarters from a whole army of tanks all by yourself.
For you battle achievements you will get bonuses and items needed for your tank modification, but with each level it will get harder and harder.
You opponent also improves his tanks’ modification and the landscapes will not always be in your favor.

Only you the fearless leader – can handle this kind of tank battle!
Make the enemies pay! And let the payment be death!

The game contains complete Single player mode and Unique Multiplayer technology
via BlueTooth channel!

Game Characteristics:

– Dynamic and exciting game plot
– Original design, bright and colorful location graphics
– Multiple locations for:
Single player mode
Multiplayer mode
– Different landscapes
– Choice of playing vs a PC or a real-life opponent via Bluetooth
-Death match
– Special levels for a game via Bluetooth
– Game complexity increase with each new level
– 10 bonuses in one level:
Gun improvement
Temporary armor
Extra armor, which disappears after you get shot
Temporary armor for Headquarters
Blowing up all enemies in the level
Temporary freezing of your enemies
Missile launch
Temporary increase in speed
– 3 anti-bonuses in one level:
-Temporary slow-down
– Global on-line and off-line list of records

Army Rangers 3D

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According to Interpol terrorists have organized a production of psychotropic drugs in an abandoned weather-station on one of the Arctic islands.

You are sent there as a member of elite military force to get rid of the criminals…

Battle Ship

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Battleship game from the pages of school checked notebook is available in your cell phone now!

New life has been given to this classic board game, well known among students of all ages!

Feel yourself a real admiral! Head a 10-ship fleet into battle!


– Dynamic and exciting game process

– Complete support of BlueTooth technology and all cell phones  with Touch Screen

– Unusual style and design

– Game options:

Single-player (with PC)

Mutiplayer (via BlueTooth)

Ship placement generator

Different complexity levels:




– Immediate game saving and loading in both single- and multiplayer game;

– Lots of different music and realistic sounds

– Unique game statistics system

– Global on-line and off-line list of records