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Kakuro Mission

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Restore honour to your clan by playing the ultimate brain teaser on mobile!

This enjoyable game combines the challenge of a crossword puzzle with the trials and thrills of Sudoku, but you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to play! You are a Samurai from the Saigou clan on a quest to recover a secret scroll stolen by the rival Kasawa clan. The pride and honour of your clan is at stake, you must return the scroll at all costs or you will be banished and face dishonour. Ideal for fans of brain teasers and logic puzzles, Kakuro Mission will test your skills of reasoning and your speed of response. Unlock the key to each puzzle to progress to the next phase that takes you one step to closer finding the secret scroll.

Left soft key: Shows the possible solution vertical / horizontal
Right soft key: Back / Exit in the menu. During a game the key reveals a menu
0: Noticing (pencil) or entering (ink) a number
Navipad: Navigation in menu and game
Number: Enter numbers during game
#: Next during tutorial
*: Back during tutorial