Tank X

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New colorful version of the everlasting, super-popular game of the 90s!
Your goal is to protect the headquarters. Your enemies are enemy tanks. Your awards are bonuses and tank modifications!
Multiple levels with different types of landscape: forest, cross-country, lakes, impenetrable concrete barriers.
Different kind of enemy tanks and game complexity increase with each new level won’t leave any true lover of dynamic shooters indifferent!

You can also play this game together with a friend via BlueTooth, helping each other to beat the enemy!

Description (version 2)

We welcome you, leader of the tank crew!
You have a difficult task ahead of you: you need to protect your headquarters from a whole army of tanks all by yourself.
For you battle achievements you will get bonuses and items needed for your tank modification, but with each level it will get harder and harder.
You opponent also improves his tanks’ modification and the landscapes will not always be in your favor.

Only you the fearless leader – can handle this kind of tank battle!
Make the enemies pay! And let the payment be death!

The game contains complete Single player mode and Unique Multiplayer technology
via BlueTooth channel!

Game Characteristics:

– Dynamic and exciting game plot
– Original design, bright and colorful location graphics
– Multiple locations for:
Single player mode
Multiplayer mode
– Different landscapes
– Choice of playing vs a PC or a real-life opponent via Bluetooth
-Death match
– Special levels for a game via Bluetooth
– Game complexity increase with each new level
– 10 bonuses in one level:
Gun improvement
Temporary armor
Extra armor, which disappears after you get shot
Temporary armor for Headquarters
Blowing up all enemies in the level
Temporary freezing of your enemies
Missile launch
Temporary increase in speed
– 3 anti-bonuses in one level:
-Temporary slow-down
– Global on-line and off-line list of records