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Spy Deluxe

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Follow simple on screen instructions and snoop your target SMS, MMS, call and photo data.
Be patient while information retrieval is in progress..
Due to differences in telecommunication systems, our software has to do many time-consuming data conversions.
Think at least three times before spying on someone phone.
The data you are about to acquire is very personal and intimate.
Be wary of people standing behind you. Just like you, others snoop as well!

Palm massager

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English Promotional Text
We have just set up IEC Labs to research and unlock hidden features in potentially all phones. This little app will unleash the power of your phone as a vibrating palm massager. Use it on any part of you as you deem fit. Warning: do not drive or operate heavy machinery when you have it turned on, and on you.

Instructions – Choose the Calming or Rythmic Mode. Then click Start to turn the massager on. Click Stop to shut down. Go to Menu for other options.