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Battle Ship

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Battleship game from the pages of school checked notebook is available in your cell phone now!

New life has been given to this classic board game, well known among students of all ages!

Feel yourself a real admiral! Head a 10-ship fleet into battle!


– Dynamic and exciting game process

– Complete support of BlueTooth technology and all cell phones  with Touch Screen

– Unusual style and design

– Game options:

Single-player (with PC)

Mutiplayer (via BlueTooth)

Ship placement generator

Different complexity levels:




– Immediate game saving and loading in both single- and multiplayer game;

– Lots of different music and realistic sounds

– Unique game statistics system

– Global on-line and off-line list of records

Alien Shooter 3D

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A large-scale continuation of one of the best-selling and most famous cell phone 3D games!

Unique mixture of arcade action and first-person shooter with RPG elements combines the well-defined world of classic games and unforgettable dynamics of the first part of Alien Shooter.

You will enjoy a well-developed plotline with alternative variations of accomplishing the mission while playing.

Endless darkness, grim long corridors of a military base became the residence if Evil.
Thousands of bloodthirsty monsters have filled the base’s offices, warehouses and research labs.


– 3D graphics on all kind of phones
– Complete realization of 3D space
– 11 captivating game levels
– 5 types of weapons (2 pistols, 5-barreled machine-gun, bazooka, flame thrower, plasma shooter)
– Application of realistic photo-structures technology
– 3D texturing of ceilings and floors
– Light effects (flashes, blinking, darkening, basement darkness and daylight)
– Multilevel ceilings
– Application of Z dimension (staircases, vertically moving elevators)
– 3D heights system implementation (volumes, multilevel space, stairs, ascents and descents)
– Technology of pillar and base building
– Implementation of room length estimation with regards to isometric volume
– Perspective darkening of space and room depth
– Original logic of enemies (tracking, searching, escaping, attacking, destroying)
– Tracing of all kinds of bullets
– 3D map of the levels