Alien Shooter 3D

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A large-scale continuation of one of the best-selling and most famous cell phone 3D games!

Unique mixture of arcade action and first-person shooter with RPG elements combines the well-defined world of classic games and unforgettable dynamics of the first part of Alien Shooter.

You will enjoy a well-developed plotline with alternative variations of accomplishing the mission while playing.

Endless darkness, grim long corridors of a military base became the residence if Evil.
Thousands of bloodthirsty monsters have filled the base’s offices, warehouses and research labs.


– 3D graphics on all kind of phones
– Complete realization of 3D space
– 11 captivating game levels
– 5 types of weapons (2 pistols, 5-barreled machine-gun, bazooka, flame thrower, plasma shooter)
– Application of realistic photo-structures technology
– 3D texturing of ceilings and floors
– Light effects (flashes, blinking, darkening, basement darkness and daylight)
– Multilevel ceilings
– Application of Z dimension (staircases, vertically moving elevators)
– 3D heights system implementation (volumes, multilevel space, stairs, ascents and descents)
– Technology of pillar and base building
– Implementation of room length estimation with regards to isometric volume
– Perspective darkening of space and room depth
– Original logic of enemies (tracking, searching, escaping, attacking, destroying)
– Tracing of all kinds of bullets
– 3D map of the levels

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